Offensive Measures 

Reason for allocating the offensive measures is awareness that for the FBiH economy GDP growth rates lower than 6-7% per year are not acceptable, for this is necessary to have productivity growth rate of at least 3 to 5% per year. In the post-war period, FBiH has been only in 2006 (5,5%) and 2008 (5,3%) close to the targeted GDP growth rate.


Accelerators that Bring the Most Development Effects for FBiH

Vision of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Development

Federation of BiH is a prosperous living space, politically stabile and secure, grounded on the rule of law, socially just with equal opportunities for all, where we nurture the richness in diversity. It is based on a society of knowledge and innovation, efficient and sustainable use of natural and other resources, with environmental protection and available public health, balanced and high life quality.

Development strategy

Download full document on the development strategy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FBiH Development Goals

Rapid Economic Development

Shall enable the realisation of development potentials to all segments of the economy and society, manifesting of innovation and creativity.

Prosperous and Inclusive Social Development

Strengthens the confidence in the society, personal and economic security, equitable income distribution, better social and political cohesion.


Resource Efficient and Sustainable Development

Implies environmentally and socially acceptable production and consumption, as well as the circular economy.


Efficient, Transparent and Accountable Public Sector

Brings the rule of law functioning for citizens, business and other socioeconomic actors.